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Being a gearhead my entire life, (I drove a 1955 F-100 to high school and college) I started designing automotive products at a Tier 1 supplier outside Detroit in 1981 after formerly working at Ford in a non-engineering role. Some of my projects included memory seat controllers, diesel fuel injection controllers, transmission controllers, instrumentation displays, and the ill fated talking chime for the 1984 Ford Thunderbird. While this was an exciting project to work on from an engineering point of view, it was universally panned by the public who though that car was nagging them. I designed several different versions of the module with male and female voices with only the male voice being used in production. (I still have some of my prototypes with female voices.)

GM production and prototype instrument message center


    At the same time, finding the AM radios in my classic cars and those of my friends to be sorely lacking in quality and features, and not wanting to put an aftermarket radio into a classic car, I started building and selling my first radio conversions. These were modern FM tuners or AM/FM receivers retrofitted into the original radio chassis. I also did versions with LED displays which were the rage at the time. I did this for several years as a side business to support my hobby.

    Here are some examples I did in 1982-3.

1984 Ford Thunderbird talking chime

    I then moved to another Tier 1 supplier where I eventually assumed the role of chief engineer. After 14 years with them I started, along with my business partner, Aurora Design. Aurora Design designed and built products for various industries and subsequently Aurora Video Systems designed and built products for the post-video industry including the first desktop editing system used on a major motion picture. (Cold Mountain edited by Walter Murch)

    With a continuing interest in classic autos and a background in OEM automotive design, I decided to start offering Aurora Design automotive products, designed, tested and built to OEM/SAE specifications. With an established chain of ISO9001 suppliers for components, harnesses and electronic sub-assemblies, the first of these products, the FMC-1 was quickly released followed closely by the FMR-1 and BT-1. Instantly accepted by the industry and recognized for their quality, performance and features, Aurora Design automotive products are without rival.

Stay tuned...