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BTU Smart/BTU-3.2 Bluetooth/BLE/USB/AAC/MP3 Adapter

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The unbelievable new BTU Smart-3.2!

The original BTU-1 and BTU-2 took the classic car hobby by storm! Never before had so many advanced features been packed into an original radio. Bluetooth audio, hands free phone, USB audio playback, USB charging, Voice Command... Now the BTU Smart-3.2 takes this experience to a whole new level by adding to the already extensive list of features found only on the BTU-1 and BTU-2!

Sample screens from FMR Connect™ App

    • Fully control your FMR-3.0 radio with the FMRConnect™ Mobile App:

        Now you can fully control and customize your radio using the FMRConnect™ Mobile App for iOS™

        Sample screens from FMR Connect™ Appr the radio for easy identification, adjust the Equalizer in real

        time, set the balance and fader and much, much more! On DAB/DAB+ equiped radios you can

        perfom scans, select the desired stations from a list and send the updated list to the radio. Never

        before has controlling all the advanced features of the FMR-3.0 been so easy!

    • Latest Bluetooth 5.0 certified solution for greatest compatibility:

       The BTU Smart-3.2 uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 certified module for the best

        compatibility with yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s devices!

        Fully backward compatibility with Bluetooth 3.0/2.1 +EDR, 1.2 and 1.1

        Fully certified module for FCC, IC, CE and Bluetooth SIG

    • Fully integrated with the FMR-3.0:

        No need to fumble with the radio or your phone to make sure they’re in a certain mode to get the

        Bluetooth/USB to work, or remember confusing controls that change function in different modes,

        the BTU Smart-3.2 controls are fully integrated into your original radio. Want to start playing music or

        initiate a phone call while listening to the radio? Just twist the volume control! All controls work the

        same in all modes!

    • AAC audio support:

        Aurora Design is a licensee of the high quality AAC codec. Music encoded in AAC format on your

        Bluetooth device will playback without conversion to low quality SBC. Music files can be copied

        directly from your iTunes® library to your USB drive without quality robbing/time consuming


    • Ogg Vorbis support:

        Music files encoded in high quality Ogg Vorbis format can also be intermixed on your USB drive

        along with AAC, MP3 and FLAC files.

    • FLAC support:

        Music files encoded in high quality lossless FLAC format can also be intermixed on your USB drive

        along with AAC, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files.

    • USB port supports all charging modes:

        Supports SDP, CDP and DCP charging modes up to a full 2.1A

        Supports proprietary modes such as Apple® 1A/2A and BlackBerry®

        Will continue charging even when radio is turned off (vehicle ignition on)

     Automatically resumes operation from where it left off when radio is turned back on:

        Whether you’re listening to the radio, USB music or Bluetooth streaming, the

        FMR-3.0/BTU Smart-3.2 returns to where you left off when you turn the radio back on.

     Hands Free call handoff:

        If you are on a phone call and turn the radio off, the BTU Smart-3.2 instantly hands the call back to

        the phone for uninterrupted operation. Turn the radio back on and the call switches back to the radio.

     Call waiting/Conference call support:

        Multiple calls can be handled by the BTU Smart-3.2 including joining (conferencing) all active calls


    • Customizable Bluetooth Name:

        Unlike cheap solutions that use generic Bluetooth names like XYZ v1.0, the BTU Smart-3.2 name is

        fully customizable. Now you can name your radio anything you like, for example Bob’s 1956 BelAire!

        This is extremely helpful if you own multiple vehicles.

    • Supports internally and externally mounted microphone:

        Use the internal microphone for convenience or the external microphone for highest audio quality.


  With this much advanced technology packed into the BTU Smart-3.2, nothing else is even in the same league.

Now picture this:

  You’re driving down the road in your cherished classic or hot rod. You reach over and with a simple twist of a knob on your original radio, you tell it to phone your house. The call comes in over the radio and when finished, it announces that the call is terminated and returns you to your music. You then get nostalgic for that certain song you haven’t heard in a while, so you twist the control again and tell the radio to start playing that song. For a minute you actually forget that you aren’t in your modern car but in your classic car. Sound like science fiction? Not with the new BTU Smart-3.2 with Voice Command and Voice Assist from Aurora Design.

  While some companies call off-the-shelf adapters or clunky boxes “solutions”, Aurora Design is the only company to offer a custom designed, fully integrated, full featured, Bluetooth/USB/AAC/MP3/Ogg/FLAC solution that truly brings your radio into the 21st century. Because the BTU Smart-3.2 was designed to fully and seamlessly interface to the FMR-3.0 receiver, no aftermarket add-on product is even in the same league. No cords to fumble with, no hard to reach little buttons, no touch screens, no fiddling with the radio to get into the right mode, the FMR-3.0/BTU Smart-3.2 combination is fully automatic just like a modern car. Using only your original radio controls, you can have a truly modern solution that rivals any new car!

  Streaming audio from a USB FLASH Drive or from your Bluetooth device is easily controlled with just a twist of a knob. Start and stop playback and skip forward and backwards through your songs. Answer and place phone calls just as easily. With literally thousands of songs at your fingertips, you’ll never run out things to listen to on that cross country tour! And so you don’t get lost, let your Bluetooth device that supports turn by turn navigation direct you to your destination through your radio.

  And now with the introduction of high quality AAC support, all your music will sound even better! No need for your phone to convert your music to low quality SBC, or for you to spend time converting your music library to MP3 format, the BTU-3.2 will playback AAC encoded music directly for the highest quality, most convenient operation possible!

  The groundbreaking new Voice Assist feature joins the Aurora Design innovated Voice Command feature. Just as the Voice Command feature lets you speak to your radio, the Voice Assist feature lets your radio speak to you to help you with basic radio operation. No having to remember confusing beep tones or complicated LED flash patterns and colors. The radio will announce “ready to pair” when you open Bluetooth pairing. It will then tell you “pairing completed” or “pairing not completed” so you’ll know exactly what’s going on.

  The microphone on the BTU Smart-3.2 can be mounted internally to your radio, or externally for best audio quality. Even if your radio has an internal microphone, you can still plug an external microphone in at a later date to get even better quality! The BTU-3.2 contains advanced echo cancellation and noise reduction algorithms for the best sound possible. The external microphone comes with a 9.8’ (3m) cord so it can be place anywhere in the vehicle for the best performance. Notice on most modern cars with hands-free operation, the microphone is mounted on the headliner right behind the windshield. With the BTU Smart-3.2’s external microphone this can also be easily accomplished.

  No other product can boast the easy of use, performance and features of the BTU Smart-3.2. For the ultimate in 21st century performance in your classic radio, look no further than the

FMR-3.0/BTU Smart-3.2 combination.

  Designed to meet automotive OEM and SAE performance specifications, the BTU Smart-3.2 represents a no compromise design. All critical components are full automotive OEM grade parts, not lower cost, lower quality parts designed for aftermarket/consumer products. Every aspect of the design and operation of the BTU Smart-3.2, no matter how insignificant was scrutinized, resulting in a product that performs beyond the expectations of even the most demanding user.

    Unlike many aftermarket Bluetooth products that are not certified or have been heavily modified, the BTU Smart-3.2 is based on a fully certified module. With certifications for FCC, IC, CE and the Bluetooth SIG, you are assured of the most robust, compatible product available.

   Aurora Design automotive products are built in a 33,000 sq. ft., ISO 9001:2000 facility located in the USA. With a capacity to place 1,800,000 components per day, 2D and 3D X-Ray inspection and full traceability back to the component level, the highest quality assemblies are assured.

*The BTU Smart-3.2 cannot playback music from a music player or smart phone over the USB connection unless the device presents the music as a standard mass storage device. For example it will not playback from an Apple® device over the USB connection. The USB port can be used to charge the device, and the music will be played backed and controlled over the Bluetooth connection.

iTunes® is a trademark of Apple Inc.

AAC used under license from VIA Licensing

All other trademarks are those of their respective owners

Aurora Design pioneered Bluetooth/USB in

classic vehicle radios and still leads the way! While others offer outdated, rudimentary Bluetooth, only Aurora Design offers full, modern Bluetooth and USB functionality!