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USB-3.0 USB/AAC/MP3 Adapter

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The new USB-3.0 rounds out the extensive

line of FMR family products!

  Just as with the new BTU-3.0 and BT-3.0 the new USB-3.0 brings a whole new level of functionality to your classic radio. Improvements from the USB-1/2 include:

    • Voice Assist:

        The USB-3.0 can speak to you in English to help walk the user through basic operations.

    • AAC audio support:

        Aurora Design is a licensee of the high quality AAC codec. Music encoded in AAC format can be

        copied directly from your iTunes® library to your USB drive without quality robbing/time consuming


    • Ogg Vorbis support:

        Music files encoded in high quality Off Vorbis format can also be intermixed on your USB drive

        along with AAC, MP3 and FLAC  files.

     • FLAC support:

        Music files encoded in high quality lossless FLAC format can also be intermixed on your USB drive

        along with AAC, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files.

   • USB port supports all charging mode:

        Supports SDP, CDP and DCP charging modes up to a full 2A, 4X the current of the BTU-1

        Supports proprietary modes such as Apple® 1A/2A and BlackBerry®

        Will continue charging even when radio is turned off (vehicle ignition on)

    • Automatically resumes operation from where it left off when radio is turned back on:

        Whether you’re listening to the radio or USB music, the FMR-3.0/USB-3.0 returns to where

        you left off when you turn the radio back on.

   USB FLASH Drives, sometimes referred to as “thumb drives”, have become the ubiquitous format for carrying around audio files. An extremely inexpensive USB drive has the capability to hold literally thousands or tens of thousands of songs, audio books, podcasts, etc. With the USB-3.0, these USB drives can now be used in your classic or hot rod’s radio as easily as your modern car. Just plug the USB drive into the cable on your radio and it will switch over and start playing. Of course since all Aurora Design products are engineered to work seamlessly together, you can control such things as next/previous, play/pause and random/sequential playback right from the existing controls on your radio. Unlike clunky aftermarket solutions, everything is automatic!

   The USB-3.0 is smart enough so that if you stop to get gas or grab lunch, when you turn the radio back on, it will continue operation from where it left off.** Many cheaper solutions will return to the first song and start over again which can get very annoying.

   The USB-3.0 can also be used to charge your phone, MP3 player, or tablet, and unlike cheap solutions that plug into the cigarette lighter and only work on 12 volt negative ground cars, since the USB-3.0 is integrated into the radio, you can charge your USB devices in 6 volt and positive ground cars as well! With the USB-3.0, no one is left out. Of course the USB-3.0 supports all standard charging modes up to 2A meaning your devices will charge faster than ever!

   The USB-3.0 was engineered to work seamlessly with all Aurora Design products, so you can now create the ultimate classic radio with AM/FM 180W digital radio and USB/AAC/MP3 playback! Once again Aurora Design is causing a paradigm shift in how the industry views classic radios and what is possible.

   Designed to meet automotive OEM and SAE performance specifications, the USB-3.0 represents a no compromise design. All critical components are full automotive OEM grade parts, not lower cost, lower quality parts designed for aftermarket/consumer products. Every aspect of the design and operation of the USB-3.0, no matter how insignificant was scrutinized, resulting in a product that performs beyond the expectations of even the most demanding user.

   Aurora Design automotive products are built in a 33,000 sq. ft., ISO 9001:2000 facility located in the USA. With a capacity to place 1,800,000 components per day, 2D and 3D X-Ray inspection and full traceability back to the component level, the highest quality assemblies are assured.

*The USB-3.0 cannot playback music from an MP3 player or smart phone over the USB connection unless the device presents the music as a standard mass storage device. For example it will not playback from an Apple® device over the USB connection. The USB port can be used to charge the device, and the music can be played back through the Auxiliary input.

**When in Sequential playback mode.

iTunes® is a trademark of Apple Inc.

AAC used under license from VIA Licensing

All other trademarks are those of their respective owners

Bring your radio into the 21st Century!